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Urban Family Photos

We have all scene beautiful beach photos and family portraits in a beautiful park, BUT what if that is not your family?

Not your vibe?

Urban family photos are a thing, and they ARE AMAZING.

I don't mean the beautiful photos in downtown St Augustine, Florida which we all love, BUT photos in downtown Jacksonville or even, like this session, the beaches town center.

Buildings, murals, brick, sidewalks and yes, even people. ALL coming together to make an amazing session.

Truth be told, when people ask about locations for Maternity or Family Portraits I often forget to suggest a more urban feel. Not because I don't like it, but it's not what everyone asks for.


Like, every time. I really need to suggest it more often.

Want to see more of a more urban feel for your next family photography session? Then keep on scrolling. Want to book a session with me? CLICK HERE to grab all the info.


family together on metal steps

family together on metal steps

family playing together in front of chicken mural during family photoshoot

mom cuddling baby girl on yellow tiled steps while dad helps other kids walk down

close up of baby girl

family citing on yellow tiled steps

mom and daughters dancing during urban family photoshoot

mom holding toddler upside down while dad tickles him during family photos

toddler reaching for mom and laughing

family laughing together during urban family photoshoot

family walking together down brick walkway in beach town

oldest daughter cuddling baby sister while brother eats a snack during family photoshoot

oldest daughter kissing brother while family looks on

family walking down brick and palm tree lined walkway for photo

parents kiss for family photo while toddler sits on dads shoulders and older daughter hugs dads leg

family on brick walkway near beach while toddler sits on dads shoulders and mom holds baby girl

mom cuddling baby girl while dad plays in the background with older children

close up of baby girl asleep in mother's arms

mother holding baby girl on beach for family photoshoot

children explore the beach while parents watch for family photo

family photo of family looking at ocean together

family walking on beach for family photoshoot

family walking down beach together

father in yellow holding baby girl on beach while other children play behind him

father holding baby on beach for family photo

family walking down brick street at sunset


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