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How I Started...
My name is Melody. I love my family, my church, my friends, my spoiled dogs, popcorn, movies and travel. And I LOVE my job.
I suffer from wanderlust and desire travel often. Even if just small trips. When I can't travel, I do a day in St Augustine. It always makes me feel like I am on vacation. Even if only for a day. 

I fell in love with photography long ago. Loving looking through old albums, photos on walls. Carrying around my grandmother's Polaroid or a disposable camera where ever I could. 

I wasn't until Fall 2009 I got my first DSLR. I captured everything I could. Family, friends, my girls as they grew. I loved every minute of it. Eventually, after some insisting from friends and family I made the jump to full time photography in 2012. 

But, in Fall 2013 I returned to teaching Kindergarten. After three years back in the classroom, the longing and love for photography and a move to Jacksonville, FL called me back. 

Each year, I strive to better myself, my equipment, my art. Striving to learn more, grow more so I can capture those memories that matter for my clients. The memories they and their children will enjoy looking at in albums and filling the walls of their homes. 


I am honored each time a family allows me to capture those moments that become the memories they return back to. 

I look forward to capturing those moments for your family. Thank you!

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