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Top 7 Locations for Summer Family Photos around Jacksonville FL and St Augustine FL

It finally looks, and feels like Spring here in north Florida.

Which for pretty much everyone, once it starts warming up we dream of summer.

Whether you just prefer that summer light or are traveling to Jacksonville or St Augustine FL for a family trip, summer is a great time for Family Photos!

There are many gorgeous places all around the area that make beautiful summer photo spots, so let me list a few of my favorites including some that you may not have thought of before.

And these are in no particular order. I basically love them all.

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Downtown Atlantic Beach, FL

Yep, probably not what you were expecting me to say for summer family portraits, but stay with me. In downtown Atlantic Beach you can capture a few beach photos AND use the shops and restaurants as an adorable background for more of a urban feel. It's like two sessions in one!

Want no people around? Schedule a sunrise session you can get a beautiful beach sunrise first then walk around.

Not a morning person? Do an evening session the grab dinner at any of the yummy restaurants in the area.

beach family photography

Vilano Beach, FL

This beach has both sunrise and sunset water views as Vilano Beach is located between the Atlantic Ocean and intracoastal waterway.

A rocky wall makes a beautiful backdrop, views of the St Augustine lighthouse and of course a sandy beach and tall grass on the dunes make it a popular photo spot. BUT if you are able to step off the beach as well, the nearby art deco style hotel makes a fun backdrop as well or even do a short drive to the other side for some photos on the pier with downtown historic St Augustine behind you!

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Boneyard Beach on Big Talbot Island

I'd be fooling myself if I don't list this amazing spot. Driftwood and a water view pretty much makes it perfect. With an evening session, the tree line helps filter the light making it all the more perfect. If you're willing to do a little drive, this location never disappoints.

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Guana Dam & Trails

This somewhat hidden gem of a place is perfect in the summer months. A beautiful shaded trail and brick pathway make for beautiful photos. If you're family is adventurous you can even do the path all the way to the intracoastal for some beautiful sunset over the water shots!

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Downtown St Augustine, FL

Yep, another obvious choice, but truly with all the side streets and adorable buildings you can't go wrong in downtown St Augustine. Pro tip: If you do an early morning session, parking is free and there are WAY less people. You can even do a sunrise by with the water and bridge of lions in the background!

st augustine photography

St Augustine Beach and Pier

Whether sunrise or sunset this spot provides for some beautiful family portraits. (You can also do the Jacksonville Beach Pier as well, but probably only for sunrise as evenings are busy there)

photographer in st augustine fl

Marineland Beach Access

This rocky beach is VERY popular for photos. And it's pretty obvious why. Located just south of Marineland whether sunrise or sunset, this beach is beautiful. Even on a cloudy day, you can't go wrong.

That's it! Hopefully, I helped you decide on a location for your summer family photos or even just a day trip to explore with your family!

To see more from any of these locations click the links below:

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OR for a few more options of locations to visit or family photography check out these places:

As always, my self or any st augustine family photographer or jacksonville family photographer you choose will be able to help you decide on the best location for your summer Family Portraits!

For more information on a session with me, click here.


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