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Top Newborn Photography Images of 2019 | Newborn Photographer Jacksonville FL

We are already two days into 2020 which is crazy!

It's a new decade, a new year and time to look back on 2019 while making plans for the future!

No resolutions for me, though I do have a few goals in mind for sure. Resolutions tend to break by like, next week, Goals I will continue to work towards.

I have been SO blessed with being able to capture to many new little lives in 2019. Newborn Photography is my passion and something I am hoping to improve and grow even better in for 2020 (yep, that's one of my goals). And to make consistently high quality images no matter the lighting. #Goals

So, take a break from pretending to work are you try to remember what day it is and to write 2020 on any dates you enter today, and get your fill of newborn sweetness here on the blog!

Now is the time to book your 2020 Newborn Session so CLICK HERE to grab your portrait guide today!

Happy New Year (day 2),


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