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Why do Family Photos on Vacation?

Family vacations are something we all look forward to every year.

I love being able to spend time, focusing on my family with less of a schedule.

For many, this is the one time of the year the whole family comes together and they want to document it. I love when families visiting St Augustine Beach and Jacksonville Beach do this.

Being able to capture all the love surrounding the children, multiple generations, all together.

I'm pretty sure this year, my family will get family photos when we vacation (if I can get on that and book it) as it's just a fun time to do it!

But, if you're a person who needs "3 Reasons To" kind of post, here you go. My Top 3 Reasons to do Family Photos on Vacation.

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1. No one is left out from the photos.

Obviously, in my family, I am the photographer. But in every family there is one person who is the main photographer capturing everything which means they are rarely in the photos. Maybe you take your chances and ask someone you meet, but then you run the risk of having your equipment taken or ending up with a poor image. There’s no need for any of these difficulties if you hire someone to do it for you. If you’re traveling with a group or family, everyone can be in the picture together, and if you’re alone it’s the easiest way to ensure you’ll have great images of your trip without needing to rely on strangers to get a picture with you in it.

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2. Preserving Lasting Memories

Photographs have the potential to be shared among people and even passed on through generations. Maybe you want to create a special scrapbook of your vacation, or perhaps make a personalized family calendar to commemorate the trip. It’s always better to have high-quality images to make sure that the memories don’t fade with time. In years to come, you can look back on the pictures and everything will still be fresh and bright like it was only yesterday.

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3. Beyond the selfie.

Sure, selfie sticks are great inventions and they, of course, come in handy. It gets frustrating though always trying to figure out the position and looking like awkward tourists while trying to take a photo. It’s hard to get the pictures to turn out the way you want them, and maybe you end up feeling like you’re spending more time trying to take photographs than simply enjoying the moment. Put these worries aside with a vacation photographer. You can focus on what’s important-enjoying your trip-and the photographer can take care of making sure you have those excellent stroll-on-the-beach to remember the best parts.

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