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What to Wear Color Ideas for Beach Family Photos | Ponte Vedra Beach Fl Family Photographer

Choosing what to wear for you family photoshoot can be hard.

I always tell families, to start with choosing coordinating colors and go from there.

For their beach family portrait session, this family kept it simple with ivory, khaki, beige and pink.

Sound boring? Not the way they did! No matching shirts or shorts, yet everyone in the family coordinated perfectly!

Add in that the sky was SHOWING OUT for them that evening in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida and their beach family photoshoot was destined for perfection.

Scroll on down to see just how gorgeous this beach family photoshoot turned out!

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toddler on dads shoulders while mother looks down at oldest son during beach family photoshoot

mother nose to nose with toddler on beach

family cuddling on beach with their children for family photo

mother on beach holding oldest son while father and toddler play in background

father holding toddler while mother plays with older son in the background on beach

toddler holding mothers hands on beach

smiling toddler on beach

happy preschool brother on beach

toddler holding shell with sandy hands

family walking on beach

family holding hands walking on beach for family photo

beach family photo of family walking on beach together

family walking on beach together

happy toddler holding hands

family together looking at the ocean during beach family photoshoot

father hugging his boys on the beach

brothers playing on beach during family photoshoot

brothers hugging for family photo on beach

brothers holding hands and laughing


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