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What is the difference between Traditional and Lifestyle Family Photography?

So, depending on your age, you probably remember Olan Mills and the traditional, static family photos we all had to get.

Our parents dressed us in what they deemed the best outfits (no matter how uncomfortable), did our hair, repeatedly told us not to get messy, drove us to a studio space (which sometimes had an outdoor area). Where were told where to sit, smile at the camera and had to smile as long as possible.

Now, if your parents were creative, you may have gotten the "look up into the light" pose to prove your family was a family of thinkers or because your parents liked the floating head look, BUT family photography back in the day was not all that fun.

To me, this is the scenario I think of when it comes to "Traditional" family photos. Now, you may love that (most grandmas do) and want everyone to smile at the camera in every photo and THAT IS OK. If that's what makes your heart happy do it.

BUT, I am not your photographer.

Maybe I have some sort of trauma response, but static family photos bother me.

Do, I have the whole family look at the camera for a photo (usually for grandma or the Christmas card), yes I do.

BUT, we're usually yelling "dinosaur poop" or "dad farted" when we do this.

Why? Because in the end, we all want those genuine smiles from our children.

Laughter, giggles, all of it.

Then, I make them make fish faces, run, jump, dance, play. Whatever allows us to capture beautiful moments. That are true to your family.

That's what I love. Capturing those precious, genuine moments. So yes, I am a Lifestyle Family Photographer and I am proud of it.

Want to see more of what I mean? Keep on scrolling. Want to book your own family photoshoot, CLICK HERE to grab my guide with all the information.


children hugging while parents laugh during beach family photoshoot

family sitting together on driftwood laughing during family photoshoot

mother sitting on driftwood cuddling her children

family photo of mother helping toddler walk on tree while dad and daughter dance in the background

toddler son touching heads with mom while she holds him on beach

son laughing out loud while mom holds him on beach

daughter hugging mom on beach during family photo session

daughter giving mom a kiss

father making son laugh while playing together

toddler laughing while father tickles him on the beach

black and white of toddler son kissing father on cheek

daughter squeezing dads cheeks during family photoshoot

daughter cuddling father while he holds her on beach

black and white of father holding daughter with foreheads touching each other

parents walking with children towards the beach

family together looking at the ocean

family portrait of family holding hands walking on beach

father holding daughter in the air while mom holds toddler on beach

family on beach looking at ocean during family photoshoot

black and white of family standing on beach

daughter holding conch shell up to her ear during family photoshoot on the beach

father holding daughter while she holds up conch shell to her ear

siblings holding hands on beach

brother and sister walking on beach during family photos

young daughter hugging mother with wind blown hair on beach

close up of happy toddler on beach

parents watching children play on the beach at sunset during a family photoshoot

parents kissing while children play on beach with sunset behind them during family photoshoot


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