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TOP 3 TIPS for What to Wear for Fall Family Photos

I know, I know. It's July.....BUT...

Fall Family Photo season will be here SO fast.

If you have already booked your photos, or are already thinking about what to wear, let me give my Top 3 Tips for What to Wear for Fall Family Photos to help you out.

parents and toddler son posing for fall family photos on a wooded lane

TIP 1: WHAT TO WEAR (Colors)

I LOVE solid earth tone colors. Patterns are not the enemy, however you don't want the pattern to take away from everyone else and too many patterns is a distraction from the main focus of the photo, the connection between your family.

When picking solid earth tone colors, I love dark browns, ivory, rust, burnt orange, camel, muted mustard, sage, clay, deep forest greens, or muted rose colors, to name a few. They all photograph beautifully. One of the biggest tips when dressing families is to dress mom first. Then once you’ve got mom’s outfit picked out, move onto the others and coordinate based off of mom’s color palette. We don’t want matchy matchy (this isn't the 90s even if some of the styles are making a comeback), but we do love color coordinating. Dress dad last as let's be honest, he tends to be the easiest.

Colors not to wear: I’m never going to tell you you can’t wear something. You do you. If dad or another family member really wants to wear jeans, choose a light colored denim or even black over a blue that messes up the color palette, I highly recommend any tan, olive or earth tone pants. Avoid dressing everyone in black or everyone in white. If it’s one person in black pants, that’s going to look completely fine. Dressing in all black or multiple family members in black tends to hide you/your bodies. Dressing everyone in white can sometimes take on the colors and tones of the landscape (as in add some green on you where you wouldn't want it). Beige or cream could easily replace white and look beautiful.

I LOVE deep jewel tones (deep blue or turquoise), but I would keep those tones on only one family member, as with anything, too much can be distracting.

How to dress the kids: Little girls in flowy dresses is so much fun. Just make sure to dress them in neutral undergarments and for babies/toddlers in diapers, add a bloomer to cover it up. Sandals are perfect. Little boys in overalls or suspenders is ALWAYS a yes from me. For shoes, white shoes or brown loafers always look great.

family walking hand in hand on the beach during their family photoshoot


Adding a variety of textures in your clothing adds interest and depth to the photos. Plus, as Florida in October and November is often still very warm, textures can add interest without adding a bunch of layers that will make everyone way too hot.

So, if mom’s dress is a smooth fabric, pick a corduroy romper for baby and a ruffled dress for older sister. A fun way to add some variety to your gallery is to bring a wide brim hat for mom or knee high socks with a bow for a toddler girl.

If you know it's going to be chilly (rare in Florida, but can happen), a chunky sweater or even a solid colored chunky blanket that coordinates can easily be added to make sure no one is too cold.

oldest daughter gives little brother a kiss while parents look on during urban family photoshoot


Yes, I can tell you what usually photographs well, BUT no need to try and make your family into something they are not.

Got a moody teen son? Dark jeans, a graphic tee (with no words, but matches) and vans or converse can totally work if you have a more urban setting.

Another thing to think about are the colors in your home.

If your home has a very neutral and natural aesthetic, then choosing bright colors or jewel tones just won't look right on your walls (I mean the whole point of family photos is to display them right?). OR if your home is full of color, dressing everyone in browns and beiges won't look right either.

Your photographer can easily help suggest outfit colors and even textures that will make the whole family happy, so don't be afraid to ask! I LOVE when clients send me outfit ideas and ask for my opinion. Plus, all my Classic session clients have access to an AMAZING online styling site that can make choosing what to wear even easier.

For links to specific styles you can find on Amazon for easy shopping, head to my WHAT TO WEAR page above where I have suggestions for every family member.

little girl looks at family photographer while her family smiles at her

family hugs together in front of the river during a family photography session

little boy laughs while leading parents by the hand during their family photoshoot

family looks out together to the ocean while daughter holds onto large shell

family dressed in formal wear pose on a Christmas porch for family photos

little boy walks holding mom's hand as dad carries baby sister during their family photoshoot


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