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Three Reasons to do Extended Family Photos

Many families make sure to capture photos with their children year after year.

We want photos with mom, with dad, just the kids so we can document how they grow, how our family dynamic changes, all of it.

As a family photographer in Jacksonville and St Augustine Florida I have been blessed to photograph many amazing families year after year because of this! (and I LOVE it)

But, I have seen a trend lately. One that I am here for (not like those TikTok trends).

That trend is extended family sessions. Including the grandparents, cousins, many of the people who surround your children with love all year round.

I've done photos of just the Aunt, who doesn't have kids yet, with all her nieces and nephews, grandparents loving on those grand kids, cousins together playing.

And it's awesome.

So, here are three reasons to plan an Extended Family Photoshoot.

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1. Grandparents

If you're like me, on more than one occasion, grandparents have saved you. Whether it's taking the kids for a much needed date night or weekend away, picking up a sick kid from school when you're working or (in our family) sewing a fancy dress because you know nothing about sewing.

Grandparents LOVE photos of their grandkids and I know they would love to have a couple WITH their grandkids too. And not the horrible ones someone randomly snaps with a cell phone when they aren't prepared (why is this a thing?). A photo capturing all the love they feel for these kids.

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2. Cousins

I don't know about you, but I was blessed to be able to spend a lot of time with my cousins. Even if we didn't live near each other I saw them on holidays and definitely week long trips over the summer. Now, we still keep in touch even with miles (& maybe even an ocean) between us.

Sure, it's cute to recreate the classic 80's "everyone in messy clothes standing together after playing in the yard" photo, but why not photos of the kids playing, running on the beach, hugging, laughing, all the things we love about them?

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3. Memories

We know nothing is guaranteed in life. Capturing these memories, these moments of love, gives you something tangible you can always look back on. Always have. Photos your kids can look at years from now in a photobook or album reminding them of all that love.

"Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still" ~ Dorothea Lange

To find out more information about booking an extended family session CLICK HERE. To see more of my favorite images from these types of sessions, just keep scrolling.

~ Melody

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