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Spring Family Photo Location Ideas near St Augustine, Florida

Though Spring in Florida doesn't last long (summer comes in hot and fast), it is gorgeous.

As a family photographer, I have been lucky to see many gorgeous locations in spring for family photos, maternity photos and even outdoor newborn photos.

This beautiful place is one of my favorites (and a favorite of many in the area).

Washington Oaks Gardens thrives in the spring. Though, it's one of the only places where you can see flowers year round, in March and April when the azaleas are blooming is perfection for sure.

Granted, I can't predict when the azaleas will bloom and they only last a week or two, but even when they are done this park feels like Spring.

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family walking down path in garden during family photoshoot

mother kissing daughter during family photoshoot

mother looking at daughter on rocky path

family together sitting on grass for family photo

mother looking at daughter while sitting on blanket in garden

daughter laying in moms lap looking at camera for family photo

family walking down path in front of rose garden

family laughing together in rose garden during family portraits

family together in front of bamboo during family photoshoot

dad standing with daughter in garden for family photo

dad kissing daughter  on cheek in garden

family together by water at sunset during family photoshoot

family cuddling together by water during family photos

portrait of tween girl during family photos

girl smiling at camera during family photos

sisters back to back together by water during family photoshoot

sisters back to back by river at sunset for family photos

older sister holding younger sister on her back during family photos

younger sister straight faced while piggy backing older sister during family photos

couple smiling for family photo while standing next to river at sunset

couple standing by water holding hands head to head

couple forehead to forehead by water during family photoshoot

family walking hand in hand by river at sunset for family photos

family walking hand in hand by river at sunset


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