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Fun Family Photos

Some children absolutely LOVE the camera.

They will stop whining about an itchy dress to pose when they see the camera, and it cracks me up every time.

BUT, those kiddos who don't love the camera and are maybe a little shy or just not in the mood? Those sessions make for some beautiful photos too.


Because as a family photographer, the focus at my sessions are more about fun then the photos. If you keep that in mind as well, whether your kiddo things posing is fun or would prefer to run, explore and play, we can definitely capture those perfect moments and create a beautiful gallery of family photos for your to cherish.

Want to see examples of a session that was more about play then posing? Scroll on down! Want to book your own beach, park or urban family photoshoot? CLICK HERE to grab my guide.


family standing on beach loving on their kids for a family photo

mom kissing toddler daughter on beach while dad and older daughter play in the background

toddler running to dad on the beach during family photoshoot

older daughter snuggling in to dad during beach family photo session

daughter cuddling dad on beach during beach family photoshoot

dad kissing toddler daughter

parents helping daughters balance on wooden bench on beach at sunset

close up of toddler girl holding dads hand

close up of girl with mom in the background

close up of girl with wind blown hair, sand all around and sister in the background

sisters sitting on wooden pole on beach during family photos

family sitting together on pole on beach during family photoshoot

focus on daughter laughing while parents look on and sister looks at ocean on beach

close up of giggling toddler held by dad

dad helping daughter twirl on the beach

dad holding both of his daughters in front of the ocean during beach family photoshoot

toddler on dads shoulders and mom cuddling in on the beach during family photoshoot while oldest plays hide and seek behind them


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