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Do You Need Family Photos with Teens? | Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl Family Photography

The answer is YES!!!!!

Document those memories. Document how they have changed. Document how you still love them. Capture all of that and freeze it in time.

Plus, it may be one of the few times they smile that week if they are having a particularly "teen-angst" kind of week. (Why yes, I do have 2 teens, how did you know?)

Our teens still need to know we love them. Still need us to WANT to be in photos with them (even if they don't want to be).

You can let them help choose the location. Or maybe even help with styling (within your photographer's style guide tips, lol).

Be silly still. Laugh. Crazy dance. Whatever you need to do.

They are still our children and we still love them.


family photo on beach

family photography on beach with storm clouds

family walking on beach during photoshoot

family photo of dad with teen daughters

dad with daughters at beach family photoshoot

dad with daughters at beach family photos

teen girl portrait

family photo of mom and daughter laughing

mom hugging daughter for beach family photography

teen girl portrait

mom poses with daughter at beach family photoshoot

mom and daughter family photo

photo of parents during beach family photography

dad looking at mom for beach family photography

parents laughing at beach family photos

sisters smiling for beach family photos

sisters on beach together at photoshoot

beach family photoshoot

family hugging on beach with rain in background

family portrait on beach

sunset beach family photo

beach family photoshoot at golden hour

golden hour beach family photos

family portrait on the beach

family portrait of mom with teen daughters

family photography of mom with teen daughters

mom with teen daughters at beach photoshoot

beach family photos

family photos on the beach with rain storm behind them

family photos on the beach

girl doing cartwheels while family walks on beach during photoshoot

rainbow behind family at beach photoshoot


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