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Fresh 48 Photography | Welcome Little One | Jacksonville Fl Newborn Photographer

Oh Fresh 48 Photography!!!!

I do so love it. Even though there is still learning and growing I need to do. Being able to capture those first hours with a sweet little life is amazing.

This sweet baby girl arrived just before the New Year. So I got to spend New Year's Eve day with her and her wonderful parents.

Our second session for their Watch Me Grow plan I get so excited to be able to do this.

I love being a Newborn Photographer. I love everything about it. That newborn smell. Capturing those details I so wish I had captured when my girls were little.

All the love and joy surrounding a new little life. I love it all.

I hope Fresh 48 Photograpy gains in popularity because even though the hospital has a photographer that comes through, these kinds of sessions are so much better with someone who is there FOR YOU. To capture the images, moments with you in mind.

Did you know I even send What to Wear Guide's for Newborn sessions? I know that doing what I can to help make every session easier on the momma's also makes for better sessions.

So, take a moment this beautiful Wednesday, outside if you can...and check out favorites from this beautiful Fresh 48 I finish up editing their Newborn Photos.

Happy Wednesday!


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