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Top Fresh 48 Images of 2019 | Fresh 48 Photography | Jacksonville FL Newborn Photographer

Today I ended 2019 with a Fresh 48 Photoshoot. And though I am not so on the ball that I have those images to share (slacker I know), I do have favorites from all of my other Fresh 48 Photography sessions this year!

I have to be honest, since I know hospitals do offer photos done in your room, I am SO happy so many families asked me to capture this special time for them. Meeting siblings, grandparents, and just all the love that surrounds a new little life.

Newborn Photography is amazing in every way and Fresh 48 Photos are a way to capture even more from those first few hours after your little one entered the world.

AND BE READY because on January 2nd, I will be announcing my Fresh 48 Photo session giveaway!

One lucky family will win a FREE Fresh 48 session in 2020! Not only that, but all Watch Me Grow plans booked while the contest is running, will receive a Fresh 48 session add on at no additional charge. AND to make it even better, while the contest is running, you can book a Fresh 48 session for $100 off the normal price! Yep, all that for one short week!

Be sure to let any friends or family expecting a new little life in the Jacksonville FL area to watch my page for the big announcement. Till then, I give you all this sweetness to get you by as you prepare to say goodbye to 2019!

Happy New Year!


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