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Fresh 48 Photography | Jacksonville Newborn Photographer

Mondays can be hard..... Granted, for some moms, today can be a bit exciting as your children head back to school, or a bit sad if they are heading into Kindergarten (they grow so fast).

But, to do my part in making Monday better, I am sharing some favorites from a Fresh 48 Portrait session done in Hospital. Newborn Photography has my heart. In all forms. Seeing those new little lives and capturing the details and love that surrounds them fills me. I am excited each time I get to meet a new little life as a Newborn Photographer in Jacksonville and St Augustine FL and I am SUPER excited that more and more families are realizing that a Fresh 48 Portrait session is a part of the Newborn Photography experience that you can't miss. Those details of those first hours that you quickly forget in a wave of loving and caring for this new little love.

So, take a moment, remember back when your kiddos were so fresh and new to this world, and check out some favorites from this recent Fresh 48 Newborn Photography session near Jacksonville, FL.

Happy Monday!


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