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Just What is Lifestyle Newborn Photography Anyway? || Jacksonville Newborn Photographer

I realized the other day as I was searching the internet and social media for a possible mentor or workshop to help me better myself for my Lifestyle Newborn portraits that I love so much, that there just isn't alot out there.

And what I mean by that, is there are not alot of photographers who DO Lifestyle Newborn Photography.

Newborn Photography as a whole is a relative new genre. It didn't start becoming popular till 2007 or so (and truly wasn't that popular as I didn't even think to do that with my girls).

The Newborn Portraits that have become the staple are the gorgeous, posed newborn images that flood our feeds when we search, "Newborn photography".

I was headed down that route, learning and practicing to improve my posed newborn photography abilities. Because I loved photographing newborns and I wanted to be better at it for my clients in Jacksonville and St Augustine FL.

But then, something happened. When I moved, I lost my home studio and began traveling to client's homes for newborn sessions. At first, I was still hauling props, etc.. because that's what I thought Newborn photography was.

Then I realized....the images that made my heart jump from these sessions. The ones I loved most. WERE NOT THE POSED BABY SHOTS.

I know, it shocked me too.

I loved the natural, Lifestyle images of the family interacting with their new little life. And I realized, if this is what I loved. This is what I needed to focus on.

NOW, there are still many amazing Newborn Photographers who do the posed images with props, hats, etc.. They do it beautifully and safely (the second part being most important as these little lives are fragile). I still follow a few and love their images.

BUT THAT ISN'T ME. And finally, that's OK.

So, what is Lifestyle Newborn Photography?

To me. This means capturing the details that can only be captured at home. That special find you were so excited about for the nursery, furry siblings, family hierlooms and even sonogram images you displayed.

st augustine in home newborn photography

It means, that older siblings are more relaxed, able to leave to play in their rooms if they wish. Snacks, playthings and safe comfortable spaces surround them as they are STILL HOME.

It means, you don't have to load everyone up to drive somewhere, your makeup is at hand for touchups, and if there's an accident, you can easily change clothes.

It means, the whole family is relaxed and focused on the love they feel for this new addition and the love they have for each other.

jacksonville in home newborn photography

Lifestyle Newborn portraits tend to be a little posed, but still free to be you. I give directions to make sure the images is flattering and timeless, but as everyone relaxes, the images become even better. You don't clean, because a Lifestyle photographer will move out of the shot what they need and leave everything else. Your photographer will see what rooms or spaces in your home are amazing for photos, even if you don't see it.

And in the end, you have images of not just your sweet babe, but the nursery you spent hours one and images of the FIRST HOME that they came home to.

So, if you or someone you know is expecting, and trying to decide what they want for images...especially for those laid back individuals or those who have amazing older homes or light filled new ones. Lifestyle Newborn portraits can be done in any home, condo or apartment. As long as it's where the love of your family grows. Consider a Lifestyle Newborn session and all the benefits.

Keep scrolling for even more favorites and examples of Lifestyle Newborn Photography.

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