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Welcome Wednesday | Jacksonville Fresh 48 Photographer | Fresh 48 In Hospital Newborn Portraits

It's Welcome Wednesday!

And I get to share the sweetest of sessions.

It's not news that I love being able to be a Newborn Photographer in Jacksonville and St Augustine. Capturing the newest of lives, all of the love surrounding them, all the tiny details....that makes my heart happy.

Being able to capture some of that within the first 48 hours of life? Even better.

Fresh 48 in hospital newborn photography sessions are always amazing. Every time I am blessed enough to go to a hospital and capture such a such a special time for a family, I wish I could do it more.

Those first hours seem to be a blur weeks later. Maybe you keep the hospital bracelet, but with all that happened, and knowing this new little life is here. To hold, to cuddle, to love. It causes the details of those first 48 hours to fade. Which is why, I absolutely LOVE being able to photograph them.

So, make Wednesday better and stay warm while you see some of my favorites from this recent Fresh 48 photography session in Jacksonville FL.

Want to see his momma's Maternity session? CLICK HERE

Want to know more about scheduling a Fresh 48 session for your little one? Click the CONTACT tab above.

Happy Wednesday!


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