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Dear Mom Reading This........ | Happy Mother's Day | A Mom's Heart

It's the Friday, before Mother's Day.

As mom's, it doesn't take much to get us all watery eyed over our kids. Even if all day long they have driven us to the brink of insanity, a little cuddle and "I love you mommy" takes it all away.

Being a Mom is HARD. Whether you have one kid, 3 kids or 5 kids (or more) it's hard.

It's hard because we LOVE SO MUCH.

It's hard because we teach, we discipline, we love, we calm, we worry. All Day Long.

My girls are older and this hasn't stopped. Sure, some of the lessons have changed (praise the Lord for no more potty training), but it can take everything I have some days. Because I have given so much, that I have nothing else in me it feels.

I love photography. I love capturing a new mom waiting for her little arrival in a Maternity Session. The joy and excitement of knowing SHE IS A MOM. For some, this journey was easy, for others very, very hard. But soon, she will be holding a little life and somehow, she already loves that little person she's never met even more than she can imagine.

So, Dear New Mom To Be...YOU ARE AMAZING.

I love new little lives. Whether in a Fresh 48 session in the hospital with a little person so new to the world. Or a Lifestyle newborn session at home with furry siblings and toddlers. Capturing this special time is amazing. And any mom knows, the newborn stage is hard. Sleepless nights, cries that you're not sure what they mean yet, endless diapers and feedings. You're not sure you have bathed recently much less if the house is clean. It's hard. And it's ok to say it's hard.

So, Mom of a Newborn.....YOU ARE AMAZING.

The toddler years are filled with silliness beyond compare and temper tantrums out of nowhere ("I'm sorry, but you can't eat that rock.") Constant correction and teaching. Play, laughing and learning. Watching as their personality forms and the sheer excitement of the new things they are learning. Whether with terrible twos, in the throws of a "threenager" we all know, it's hard.

So, mom of a toddler..... YOU ARE AMAZING.

The school age years, still learning and growing, but much more independence. Your days are filled with homework and after school activities. Time with friends and not wanting you near followed by cuddles on the couch. Some of the things that were so hard have passed, but new challenges have arisen in their place. You love seeing them become their own person, yet want to protect them from a mean world. It's hard.

So, Mom of a School Age Kid...... YOU ARE AMAZING.

The tween and teen years. I am not here yet, but I can see it on the horizon not far off. Attitudes, straining for independence, yet still finding comfort in rules and boundaries. Friends begin to become more important, activities become more often and hormones kick in. It's scary, it's hard. But, I have been told, there are so many moments where you are so proud of who they become. Where they show you, even though you never thought it, they were listening. They have learned the morals and values you taught them. They show kindness, compassion and perseverance. And you can see a glimpse of who they will be as an adult. But there are so many moments, where it is hard.

So, Mom of a Tween and Teen.......YOU ARE AMAZING.

Last, to all the moms of adult children....the grandmothers and those who love their grand-dogs. Your children still need you. Even if they don't ask as much. Until they become parents....when they realize how much you did....and and love you even more for it.

So, to the Moms of adult children.... YOU ARE AMAZING.

Happy Mother's Day...

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