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5 Tips for Better Vacation Photos | Tips and Tricks | Photography Tips for Moms on Vacation

I know, it's been Spring Break already for a few counties near me. You have already made a trip, or a few day trips with your littles in an effort to make memories and kill time (i.e. avoid the inevitable, "MOM, I'm Bored.)

But for me, it begins tomorrow at 3:20p..when my girls get off the bus and we know it is 9 days of no alarm clocks and family time. My brain is already beginning to head into vacation mode, so as I try to cling to my "must be productive" normal a bit longer I decided to offer some help.

A big, must have item for me on trips is one of my "big cameras". I realize this isn't all moms, but the best phone you have is the one with you, so rock that Phone Camera mama!

So, how do you capture memories without missing the moments?

5 Tips for Better Vacation Photos

1. Make a Plan -

I know, sounds weird, but think about it. If you know where you are going (Disney, the mountains, the beach) if you plan some experiences you want to be sure to capture you will be ready. By writing them down, even if you don't bring the paper to look at, you are more likely to get the "making a sandcastle shot" or "boogie boarding shot" or "pulling the sword from the stone". Whatever it is, start with a plan of the images you want. BUT, of course be ready to capture spur of the moment things you couldn't have planned for.

2. Use a Self Timer (or Selfie Stick) -

I am an advocate for BE IN THE PHOTOS! So, of course make sure to find a way to grab a shot of the whole family. Not just the kiddos.

3. Take Scenic Shots (But don't overdo it) -

Whether it's Cinderella's Castle or a beach sunrise. Capture the scenery of your vacation. It helps when put together with the other images from your trip in that album you're going to make (seriously. Do it. Whether you use Shutterfly or Mixbook. Upload the images and they will even through it all together for you on each page. Then pay and print and you're done. Family memories kept forever). Go ahead and throw in a few food shots too if the meal looks amazing. Why not.

4. Make sure to pack extra batteries or a charger-

Yep, you're thinking, "duh". But how many times have we forgotten these things? So, yes I say it.


"All caps Melody? Why are you yelling at me?"

Because this is SOOOOO important. Sure your hubby's photo may not be as good, but shots of you and your favorite little humans playing, swimming (no, you don't have to share the bathing suit image on social media), laughing, riding a ride, are all moments YOU as a mom want captured forever. These times in life go by so fast. Please, please please hand over your camera and let them capture candid moments of you and your little loves.

Planning a Disney or Universal trip and want even more tips? Then check out my Parent Paparazzi Guide: 102 in the Shop! Theme park tips and even tips for your two year old, plus more is all included.

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