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Family Photo Location Ideas: Choosing Your Home as the Perfect Location for Family Photos

In the era of Instagram and Pinterest-perfect photos, the options for the ideal family photo location can feel daunting. However, sometimes the best place to capture your family's essence is right where your heart is – at home. Here’s why choosing your home as the choice of family photo location ideas with the most authentic, heartfelt, and timeless images.

1. Comfort and Convenience

Home is where your family feels most at ease. This comfort translates into more natural expressions and interactions in your photos. Kids can be themselves without the pressure of behaving in unfamiliar settings, making for candid, genuine moments. Moreover, you have all the necessities on hand – wardrobe changes, snacks, and toys are just a room away.

2. Personal Touch

Your home is a reflection of your family’s personality and history. Including your home in your photos adds a personal touch that can't be replicated in a studio or a public park. Whether it's the cozy reading nook where you spend Sunday mornings, the kitchen where you bake cookies together, or the backyard where countless games have been played, these spaces hold memories that add depth to your photos.

3. Unique Storytelling

Every home tells a story. From the art on the walls to the arrangement of furniture, your home is unique to your family. Capturing photos in this environment helps tell the story of your life in a way that staged or generic locations cannot. These images will serve as a beautiful reminder of where your children grew up and where countless memories were made.

4. Versatility in Settings

Homes offer a variety of settings within one location. You can take intimate indoor shots on the couch or by the fireplace, fun and lively kitchen shots while cooking, and serene outdoor shots in your garden, patio or by the pool. This versatility allows for a diverse photo album without the need to travel to multiple locations.

5. Timeless Appeal

Trends in photography locations come and go, but your home remains a constant in your family’s life. Photos taken in the comfort of home have a timeless quality, grounding your memories in a place of ongoing significance. As your family grows and changes, your home will be the backdrop that remains, making each photography session a chapter in the ongoing story of your family’s life.

Tips for a Successful Home Photo Session

  1. Declutter, But Keep It Real: Tidy up the spaces you'll be photographing, but don’t feel the need to make everything perfect. A bit of lived-in charm adds authenticity.

  2. Natural Light: Utilize natural light as much as possible. Position your family near windows or in well-lit rooms to take advantage of soft, flattering light.

  3. Personalize Props: Incorporate items that are meaningful to your family – a favorite book, a cherished toy, or a homemade quilt.

  4. Coordinate Outfits: Choose outfits that complement each other without being overly matchy. Consider the color palette of your home for a harmonious look.

Choosing your home as the location for family photos is not only convenient but deeply meaningful. It allows you to capture your family in their most genuine form, surrounded by the things and places they love. These photos will not only be beautiful but will carry the stories and memories that make your family unique. So, next time you're planning a family photo session, look no further than your own front door.

If you want to see an example from an in home family photography session scroll on down. To book your own session with your home as the backdrop CLICK HERE to grab my family portrait guide with all the information!


baby girl laying on her tummy smiles big at local photographer

baby girl laying on tummy on couch looking at local family photographer

baby girl laying on her tummy on the couch smiling at local family photographer

goldendoodle dog sniffs baby girls toes during family pictures

baby girl laying on couch grabbing her toes

close up of baby girl smiling at local photographer

close up on baby girl's hand on her toes

baby girl looks at local family photographer while laying on parent's bed during family photography session

baby girl smiles at local family photographer while laying on parent's bed during family photoshoot

baby girl makes a surprised face at family photographer while laying on parent's bed during family photoshoot

baby girl smiles at local family photographer while laying on parent's bed during family photos

baby girl laying on parents bed reaching for her toes during a lifestyle family photography session

goldendoodle lays his head on bed to sniff baby girl during family photos

father holds baby girl while mother and toddler lay in background during lifestyle family photography session

parents holding baby girl smile at each other during a family photoshoot at home

baby girl lays beside toddler daughter as mom kisses oldest on her head

family of 4 lay together on on parents bed during lifestyle family photoshoot

baby girl laying in between parents on their bed during an in home family photography session

baby girl laying on a bed with mom and dad looking at family photographer

baby girl laying beside mother looking at family photographer

baby girl laying beside mom smiles big at local family photographer

baby girl reaching up to touch moms face during family photos at home


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