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What to Wear for your Newborn Portrait Session

newborn photography

Fellow moms, let’s get real. You JUST had a baby! You created a human life! You are AMAZING.

But, most likely you aren’t sleeping and self-care is quickly going out the window. So the idea of getting dressed and ready for pictures can sound overwhelming. I hope I can convince you that it doesn’t have to be.

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Here are a few of my favorite tips for the whole family to look your best and be comfortable for your Newborn Photoshoot

My first tip, especially for newborn sessions, DRESS COMFORTABLE.

A lifestyle newborn session is in the comfort of your own home. You don't have to travel or even clean up. Lifestyle sessions are supposed to be comfortable. Let your clothes be the same.

If you chose an outdoor newborn session, you need to weather and location into your outfit choice, but you still JUST HAD A BABY. So comfort is key.

what to wear for newborn photos


Whether Lifestyle at home or outdoors, keeping it neutral will help ensure color coordination and that your little one is the star, not moms dress or dad's shirt.

What are good neutral colors: beige, white, grey, brown. Truly even a soft pink, light blue or olive green will work well depending on the location or the colors in your home.

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What should your newborn baby wear?

I can't even with all the amazing outfits Amazon has to offer for newborn babes. You can never go wrong with a classic plain white onesie, but with so many cute solid color options, you may want to branch out. We may also swaddle your babe in a solid color wrap, but having an outfit gives more variety to your session and the whole session can be done without me touching your little one if you prefer. (I get it, germs can be gross)Affordable, classic, great for photos AND daily use.

All of these are my faves from Amazon:

newborn photos at home

What about the rest of the family?

Like with regular family portrait sessions, the big key is to COORDINATE. You don't have to match, but the three or 4 colors should look good together.

Solids are best, but if one family member is in a pattern that's ok. Just don't go wild with patterns. Mom wearing a flowy and comfortable white or cream dress makes for timeless, beautiful images every time with newborn photos.

One thing DON'T WEAR BLACK. I know it's a neutral and that it feels slimming. Heck, I wear it a lot, BUT with newborn portraits softer neutrals always look better. I know how it feels to be a new mom, I want to make sure you look AMAZING, myself and other photographers know how to pose you, so skip the black and trust us.

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Still need help?

Don't worry! I'm here for you! Just let me know and I will happily send you links to Amazon outfits or from some of my favorite stores you see listed on the What to Wear tab.


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