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TOP TIPS for amazing Senior Pictures

Your Senior year goes by all too fast.

In the rush of school work, college tours, applications, Senior outings or parties and more planning for your Senior Pictures can be hard.

But, it doesn't have to be.

beach themed senior pics

Here are THREE of my Top Tips for amazing Senior Pictures.

1) PLAN THEM DURING YOUR FAVORITE SEASON Senior Photos are all about you right? This means you should incorporate as many things you love as you can. If that's summer, the beach and your crocs, then do it!

If that's vans, your skateboard and Winter? Then plan your session with those things in mind. Your photographer can definitely help with location ideas year round and they want the photos to showcase who YOU are, as much as you do.


Your Senior Portraits are a time YOU should feel beautiful. Having your hair done and your makeup on point definitely will help with that. Choosing clothes that flatter your figure AND showcase your style will help too. No matter what the trends are, STAY TRUE TO YOU. **BONUS: flawless makeup will only help your photos turn out even better and can hide any zits, etc.. **

3) BRING PROPS What do I mean by props?

Do you play guitar? Bring it.

Love to fish? Bring your fishing pole.

Love to surf? Bring your board.

Doing what you love and having it forever frozen in time will only bring you joy. Joy guarantees great smiles and amazing photos.

Yes, your photographer can work with you on locations if you don't have one in mind. And YES they will 100% want to help you in choosing clothes that fit you and the location. Get excited for your Senior Photos by making sure to make them FUN.

Want more information on booking Senior Portraits for 2023? CLICK HERE for my guide.

For more gorgeous photos from this session, keep on scrolling.


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