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Top 10 Family Photography Images of 2022 in Jacksonville and St Augustine Florida

Wednesday, I shared my Top 10 Maternity Photography images, yesterday, my Top 10 Newborn Photography favorites and Top 10 Family Photography photos.

You have NO IDEA how hard it is to choose as I was SO blessed this year with all of the amazing families I photographed.

So, to help me decide I turned to my old trusted friend, social media data.

Who knew as a family photographer I would utilize my Communications and Marketing degrees so much, lol.

So, on this New Year's Eve-Eve of 2022 here are a few of my favorite images, in no particular order whatsoever....

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family playing in front of restaurant in Atlantic Beach, Florida for family photos

family walking with dog near an old barn for family portraits

family on dock at sunset during family photoshoot

teen girl jumping into brother's arms on beach during photoshoot

parents watching family play in water at beach during family photoshoot

father helping toddler walk on driftwood for family portrait

family playing on beach at sunset for family photoshoot

mother cuddling into baby girl on chilly beach morning at sunrise

family snuggled together on beach at sunrise during family photoshoot

family looking into pond on bridge with stone sloth behind them for family photo

And because we all know me, and that it's hard to do JUST 10 photos.... a few more, because...why not.

parents dancing with kids at local St Augustine park for family photos

parents swinging babies in the air towards camera on beach for family photos

mother looking at toddler son while dad holds newborn girl on beach at sunrise

mom kissing baby's feet on beach for sunrise family photoshoot


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