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One Location, SO Much Variety for Family Photography

Many times we as family photographers can fall into a rut of using the same locations again and again.

BUT when we finally break out and explore a new location? It's pure magic.

I stumbled across this preserve when a planned location for a family photoshoot fell threw.

At that time, I didn't really explore it, but knew it was pretty.

A year or so later, I went back, got there early and explored. And OH MY GOSH.

Add in that the sky was showing off this evening and you have a large gallery filled with beautiful family portraits.

Every time I have done back since, I have not been disappointed.

You HAVE to see all the images from this Atlantic Beach Florida family photography session by keep on scrolling.

Convinced you want to use this location for your family photoshoot or Maternity portrait session? CLICK HERE to grab my guides!


family in wooded background posing for a family portrait

father looking at son while at an outdoor family portrait session

son hugging dad while baby daughter looks at camera during family photography session

family together during family photoshoot on a wooded lane

family walking together in wooded lane

portrait of a preschool age boy

family smiling together at the camera for a family photoshoot at sunset in a Florida preserve

family smiling at the camera during a sunset family photography session

family smiling together for a family photoshoot at an Atlantic Beach Florida preserve

brother tickling baby sister while parents look on

brother hugging sister on a wooden box during family photos

family walking together down wooden walkway

family photo of a family standing together on a wooden walkway

family seated together on a wooden walkway in a local preserve during a family photoshoot

smiling baby girl in a jean jacket on a wooden walkway

happy baby girl

family walking down boardwalk at sunset surrounded by a salt marsh

smiling family for a family photo at a Florida salt marsh at sunset

dad holding son while he gives a kiss to baby sister overlooking a salt marsh at sunset for family photoshoot

mom holding happy son on boardwalk overlooking salt marsh in Atlantic Beach Fl

mom hugging oldest son while father holds baby in the background on a wooden boardwalk

mom holding happy baby girl at a salt marsh preserve at sunset

family photo of a family looking out to a salt marsh at sunset

mom holding baby girl while dad and toddler explore deck overlooking saltmarsh

dad holding baby girl while mom has toddler on her back

close up of a smiling baby girl during a family photoshoot

family on a boardwalk looking at a salt marsh with a colorful sky in the background


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