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Newborn Photography at home in Fleming Island, FL

It's no secret if you have been following my photography blog for awhile, that I LOVE newborn photos. Especially, lifestyle newborn photoshoots in client's home.

I have always found doing newborn photos at home keeps my sessions more relaxed. Older siblings can come and go, play, bring in their favorite toys, and overall just make for adorable photos.

This newborn photoshoot turned out completely GORGEOUS.

To see a few of my favorites, keep on scrolling. To book your own newborn photo session CLICK HERE for all the info!


mom feeds a bottle to newborn baby in nursery while big brother runs through with toy plane

black and white photo of mom cuddling newborn baby

newborn baby girl wrapped in pink looks at camera while mom holds her

big brother giving baby sister a kiss during newborn photoshoot

family laughing together during newborn photoshoot

big brother rides stuffed dinosaur on parent's bed while family laughs

family sits on parent's bed while big brother has stuffed dinosaur kiss baby sister

black and white lifestyle photo of older son laying on bed while parents are in background

close up of newborn girl's face while she is wrapped in pink and mom kisses her

mother cuddling with newborn and older son

mother rocking baby girl in nursery

mom smiles at camera while holding newborn baby

mother kisses newborn baby wrapped in white during newborn photography session

close up of mom kissing newborn girl

parents smiling at camera while newborn girl looks at photographer during newborn portraits

newborn girl looks at camera while parents kiss her during newborn photoshoot

newborn baby girl looks at photographer while parents hold her

close up of newborn girl face while dad holds her

newborn girl sticking out tongue while dad holds her during newborn portraits

newborn girl smiling while dad holds her during newborn photoshoot at home

newborn photoshoot of dad holding baby girl

dad snuggling newborn during newborn photos

dad kissing wide awake newborn girl

newborn girl looking at the camera while parents look at her

dad holds newborn girl in nursery while mother sits close by

newborn baby girl laying in her crib on floral sheet during newborn photos

newborn girl's face seen through the slats in a white crib

newborn feet as seen through the slats in the crib

big brother reaching into crib towards newborn sister

newborn girl laying on changing table in nursery while big brother can be seen in the mirror

big brother kissing newborn sister's feet while she lays on changing table

newborn girl wearing floral headband on grey fur for newborn photos

newborn photo close up of newborn baby feet

black and white close up of newborn baby feet

newborn girl wrapped in white with floral headband sticking tongue out

newborn feet on white background

newborn on tummy on white background with floral headband for newborn portraits

newborn laying on a white blanket with a floral headband for a newborn photo

close up of newborn eyelashes and nose


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