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My Top 5 Beaches for Photography Locations near Jacksonville, Florida

Living in Florida means we can go to the beach 365 days a year.

Which also means, we can do a photography session on the beach year round as well.

Does it get cold? Sometimes. Do we have hurricanes? Um, yes.

BUT, especially if you are new to Florida or vacationing here and a Beach Photoshoot for your Maternity Photos or Family Photography session is your dream I am HERE TO HELP. We have many options in our area here near Jacksonville and St Augustine, Florida, so let me give you my....


children run in the tide while parents walk behind them smiling during a sunrise family photoshoot


When thinking of my Top 5 photography locations near Jacksonville, Florida this beautiful beach north of Jacksonville Florida in Big Talbot Island State park is AMAZING. Not only is there driftwood which is amazing for family photos BUT also an area of compacted sand that looks like black rocks (hence the name). Yes, I said they are not actually rocks. But in the photos, you can't tell at all.

family of 3 walk together holding hands over rocky beach with ocean behind them during a sunrise family photography session

baby girl smiles at parents while they sit on driftwood during a beach family photoshoot

new mom holds newborn girl while she and dad sit on fallen driftwood during a beach newborn photography session


This beach located just south of Marineland, Florida in Flagler County never disappoints.

Sunrise Family Photos? Gorgeous.

Sunset Maternity Photos? Gorgeous.

It may be a bit of a drive, but it's always worth it and the boardwalk always gives me California vibes and I LOVE it.

toddler boy smiles at photographer while leaning into dad during a rocky beach family photoshoot

family of 4 smile and cuddle together on rocky beach during family photos

epxecting couple stands on wooden boardwalk looking at each other during sunset beach maternity photoshoot

3. The Beaches at Guana Preserve

The Guana-Matanzas Preserve offers three different beach access points. Though each is a little different, the tall grassy dunes and wooden boardwalk areas always make for beautiful images. Add in there is limited parking so less people walking around makes it even better. Whether it's an overcast sky, soft summer haze or the bright golden light before sunset, this beach never disappoints.

family walks hand in hand towards the tide during a beach family photography session

expecting couple stands nose to nose while cuddling her bump during beach maternity photography session

4. Vilano Beach

This beautiful beach just across the intracoastal from downtown St Augustine features grassy dunes, large rocks and beautiful light at sunrise or sunset. It's an easy spot to get to for both Jacksonville and St Augustine, Florida residents or visitors which makes it a favorite for sure! (especially at sunrise)

little girl smiles at family photographer while leading mother through a rocky beach and dad helps brother off the rocks behind them

expecting couple smile at each other with sun flar between them on rocky beach during sunrise maternity photoshoot

mother in pink holds baby girl as husband helps her walk off rocks on beach during family photos

5. Butler Beach, Florida

Located a little south of St Augustine Beach is the small town of Butler Beach, Florida. Very popular area for visitors to our area with the many condo and vacation homes available. I found this little spot as it was near where clients were staying and now I suggest it often. Family Pictures, Maternity Photos this location works great for whatever kind of photography you are wanting to do.

family of 4 all laugh while toddler smiles at local family photographer during a beach photoshoot

expecting couple walks down wooden beach boardwalk during maternity photoshoot

expecting couple walking hand in hand down the beach with sea birds around them during maternity photos

Did I miss your favorite beach? Don't worry it's probably a beach I didn't want to share to keep it secret, lol. But I LOVE all the amazing beaches in our area and am lucky to be a Family Photographer in Jacksonville and St Augustine, Florida for sure.

To book your own Beach Photoshoot CLICK HERE to grab all the info!



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