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Lifestyle Newborn Photography in St Johns Florida

It's no secret as a newborn photographer in St Johns, Florida my heart belongs to Lifestyle Newborn Photography.

The super posed, studio setting newborn sessions are beautiful, but they are not my jam.

I learned years ago what I loved and I worked to grow in that area.

Why do I love Lifestyle Newborn Photography?

1) You get to stay at home. That's right. Your toddler, your fur babies, your clothes, your snacks, all at home right there for you to have easy access to.

2) We get to capture the nursery, details of the first home your little one came home to.

3) Older siblings can come and go as they please. They need a break? No problem. They want Chase from PawPatrol to help them? Done. The more relaxed everyone is, the better the session.

To see more from this sweet newborn photoshoot scroll on down. To book your own newborn photoshoot for 2023 CLICK HERE.


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