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Last Maternity Photoshoot of 2020 | Maternity Photos | Jacksonville FL Maternity Photographers

It's no secret if you've been following me for a little while that I absolutely LOVE Maternity Photography.

This coming weekend, I will have not one, not two, but THREE Maternity Photoshoots and I couldn't be more excited!

Over on Facebook and Instagram I am giving away a Petite or Outdoor Newborn session, but those sweet babes mean beautiful, glowing mommas.

Do you always feel beautiful and glowing while pregnant?


I felt like a beached whale. BUT here's the secret we don't see while our bodies are working hard at creating life.


Everyone around you sees it.

So why not get that beauty frozen in time. Why not had images to show your little one of how joy-filled you and your spouse were waiting for them to arrive?

Every momma deserves a few images of how beautiful they are during this time. It's something I 100% regret not having (I'm not sure it was really a thing back then).

So, take a moment on this Tuesday (I know, it's not #MaternityMonday) and check out a few of my favorites from my last Maternity session of 2020! This beautiful Petite Maternity session in Jacksonville, FL!


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