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Family Photos to Celebrate Birthdays

Many families capture their family photos each year in the fall, but some like to catch up with their family photographer to document their children's birthdays.

I have been photographing this momma for years and knew her love of dinosaurs. So, when I stumbled upon this park last Spring, I knew I had to tell her about it.

Of course, she was excited and despite the heat, we were able to capture beautiful family photos to document the milestones of both of her boys birthdays.

To see more, scroll on down. To book a family portrait session or Birthday session in January thru February 2023, CLICK HERE.


sweet family photo

brothers hugging and looking at photographer

toddler boys looking at stone triceratops for family photography

family photo with stone triceratops

family photography in front of stone triceratops

family photography in front of stone dinosaur

family walking in woods together

family photo in front of stone stegosaurs

family photo in front of stone dinosaur

family photo in bongoland

happy one year old for first birthday photos

dad tickling baby for family photos

baby smiling at family photographer while dad holds him

happy baby with dad in family photography

baby with thumb in mouth

mom holding baby in family photos

smiling one year old with mom in family photography

mom kissing one year old

three year old looking at stone dinosaur

family together for family photos

dad getting kiss during family photography

mom with sons for family photos

family walking on bridge in bongoland

one year old on bridge for first birthday photos

family photography of toddler brothers

toddler brothers posing for family photos

family on bridge during family photos

family looking over bridge for family photography at bongoland

brothers eating cupcakes for family photos

one year old with icing on face

dad feeding cupcake during first birthday photos

one year old eating cupcake for first birthday photos

family photos of toddler eating cupcake

toddler eating cupcake for family photography

smiling toddler with icing on his face for family photos


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