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Family Photos on Vacation at your Resort? Yes Please!

Since 2020, many families have been asking for a family photography session while visiting Jacksonville and St Augustine Florida.

Typically, we meet at the beach near where they are staying or one of our beautiful parks in the area.

When Brandon contacted me and mentioned doing the session at the Resort they were staying at, after a quick google search for photos of the property I was in!

Most resorts have beautifully manicured gardens and grounds. Perfect for a family photoshoot.

The Marriot Sawgrass is absolutely stunning and even gave enough golf vibes for this golf loving family for their session.

We even got a little bit of a Maternity session in as they were here on their babymoon with their second!

We laughed, acted silly and the gallery ended up beautiful.

To see more from this recent family photo session keep on scrolling. To book your own family photoshoot whether at your resort or somewhere else CLICK HERE to grab my guide!


expecting mother watches husband and son in front of pond for family photos in ponte vedra fl

big brother laughs while focus is on mom's belly during maternity photoshoot

big brother kisses moms belly during a sunset pone maternity photography session

black and white of big brother kissing mom's belly

little boy laughing while hugging mom during sunset maternity photoshoot

big brother hugs mom's belly during maternity photography session

big brother kisses mom's belly during maternity photos

family together on wooden bridge during family photoshoot

parents kiss while little boy is on dad's shoulders during family photoshoot

family standing together holding little boys hands smiling for family portrait

close up of big brother holding hands with mom and dad during family photo session

little boy laughing while holding parents hands during maternity portrait session

family hugs together while little boy laughs during family photos

family poses together on bridge during maternity portrait session in ponte vedra, florida

mom holds son atop her pregnant belly while he laughs during maternity photography session in ponte vedra fl

happy boy held by mom during sunset photoshoot

little boy cuddles mom while she holds him during family portrait session

mom and son are nose to nose during ponte vedra florida maternity photoshoot

family walks on bridge swinging son in the air during maternity photoshoot in ponte vedra florida

little boy smiles while walking with parents down bridge during family portrait session

closes up of expecting mother in front of pond and waterfall during a maternity photoshoot at local resort

black and white photo of expecting mother's belly

expecting mother poses in front of pond and waterfall at local resort in Ponte Vedra Florida for maternity photos

son kisses mom's tummy during maternity photoshoot

little boy laughs while hugging mom during family portrait session

family posing together in front of pond and waterfall at local resort

family together on beach at sunset with boy on dad's shoulders laughing during maternity photoshoot

mom looking at oldest son on dad's shoulders during maternity portraits on the beach in ponte vedra beach florida

mother posing on beach at sunset for maternity photos

maternity portrait of mother on beach at sunset in ponte vedra beach florida

expecting mother hugging tummy during sunset beach maternity photoshoot

expecting mother poses in green dress on windy sunset evening for maternity photoshoot

family together with little boy on dad's shoulders during beach maternity portrait session

son kisses mom during beach maternity photos

close up of mom holding older son on her pregnant belly during maternity portraits

son kisses mom on cheek while she holds him during sunset beach maternity photos

mother holds oldest on her belly while looking at ocean during beach maternity portrait session

family looks out to ocean together during beach family photoshoot

family laughs together on beach during family photos

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