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Can you have your toddler at your Newborn session? | St Augustine Fl Newborn Photographer

This is kind of a dumb question right?

Because the answer is YES!!!

You love all of your children and even if the newborn photography session is more about welcoming your newest little love, it's also about all the love that surrounds your newborn. Which includes their siblings.

So, the real question is how do you get good newborn photos with a toddler?

I have done MANY sessions over the years with toddler siblings around and I have learned two things are key.

1) HAVE FUN! Tickle, laugh, play and love on your toddler. Let them jump on the bed or the couch. Let them bring their favorite toy into the photos. The more relaxed you are, the more relaxed they are. Plus, the added benefit to doing a lifestyle newborn photography session is that when your toddler wants to go play in their room, or walk away. THEY CAN. They are home.

2) HAVE SNACKS. We have all seen a hangry toddler and that isn't good for anyone. PLUS, snacks can be used as bribes. Are gummies a special treat? Bring them out. Your kiddo loves goldfish? Let's do it. I have used snacks to obtain photos that LOOK like the toddler is kissing the newborn even though they are eating the cheerio. Snacks have obtained sweet smiles while dad has the cheese it dance on my head. Whatever works for those sweet newborn photos that include all of your kiddos.

Want to see more of a newborn photoshoot from this past fall with a toddler brother (who actually loved the camera)? Keep on scrolling.

Want to book a Lifestyle Newborn Photoshoot for 2023? CLICK HERE to grab my newborn portrait guide.


relaxed newborn photos at home as family cuddles on couch

close up portrait of toddler brother holding hands with newborn sister

red headed toddler smiling

family all together at home on couch enjoying newborn baby girl

big brother smiling while helping dad hold baby sister at home during photoshoot

big brother gently kissing baby sister in newborn photoshoot

close up of toddler brother helping dad hold newborn baby girl in newborn photo

black and white of toddler kissing newborn sister while parents look on

family cuddling on their couch at home while dad holds newborn baby and toddler gives a kiss

family at home on couch with dad holding newborn baby and toddler laying on couch laughing

mother cuddling with red headed toddler

black and white of parents looking down onto newborn baby

father holding newborn baby girl and toddler brother

professional newborn photo of father holding baby girl

dad cuddling newborn baby for newborn portrait

father holding newborn baby girl while mother sits beside him and toddler holds up toy rabbit

newborn girl smiles while being held by mother

mother cuddling newborn baby girl during photoshoot

parents smiling in newborn photo while holding baby girl

black and white image of parents nose to nose while holding newborn baby

mother kissing newborn baby

toddler brother kissing newborn sister while parents look on

family looking at newborn baby girl while toddler brother cuddles toy rabbit during newborn photoshoot

toddler brother playing with stuffed rabbit during newborn photoshoot

family photo with newborn baby girl

newborn girl yawning while toddler brother kisses her

newborn baby girl looking at camera during newborn photoshoot

toddler watching newborn sister yawn during newborn photos

toddler looking at newborn sister during newborn photoshoot at home

toddler brother kissing baby sister for newborn photo


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