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Are Sunrise sessions worth it?

Let's be honest. To most of us, the idea of getting up to watch the sunrise is not exactly enticing.

I have never been a morning person.

I live on coffee and need 7-8 hours of sleep to be fully functional.


I may be struggling as I get ready for them, but once I get the family, see the skies and the perfect golden light. .. I am SO happy to be there.

This sweet family was on vacation visiting family when we met for this beautiful morning.

A new little babe, a toddler who wasn't quite awake yet.... BUT when we just focused on the love. Exploring the rocks and beach.

Magic happened.

We made family photography gold.

So, take a moment and check out just a few of my favorites from this family photoshoot at sunrise in Crescent Beach, Florida.


mother swaying with baby girl on beach at sunrise while father and son explore in the background

close up of baby girl on beach

mother holding baby girl on beach at sunrise

dad holding son while looking at sunrise on the beach

boy crossing rocks holding onto parents hands

exploring in rocks on beach at sunrise during family photography session

family exploring rocks during sunrise beach family portrait

mother crouched down next to son on rocks on beach

family on rocky beach at sunrise for family photos

parents walking off rocks on beach at sunrise

mother holding baby girl while sitting next to son on rocky beach

toddler boy holding onto mom's dress while looking at ocean

toddler boy looking at family photographer for photo

mother holding baby girl while toddler walks towards her on beach

toddler playing with father on beach

toddler boy laughing while playing with father on beach

family photo of family sitting on rocks at beach for portraits

family on rocks at beach for sunrise family photoshoot

family portrait of family on rocky beach

family photography of family on rocky beach

parents tickling toddler boy during beach family photos

father and son looing at ocean during sunrise family portraits

family portrait of father and son

family portrait of father kissing toddler son

toddler boy smiling on beach with father

toddler boy leaning against dad during sunrise photoshoot

toddler boy laughing

father happily holding sone and daughter on beach at photoshoot

baby girl looking at camera while father looks at her for family photos

baby girl yawning during photoshoot

dad looking at baby daughter during beach sunrise photoshoot

father cuddling 3 month old baby girl on beach

smiling toddler boy held by mom on beach

mother cuddling son on beach at sunrise

parents holding children in the air on the beach

family enjoying a beach sunrise during a family photoshoot

father holding toddler sun in the air during sunrise family photos

family cuddling on beach for sunrise family photoshoot


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