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My Heart | Jacksonville FL Fresh 48 Photographer | Fresh 48 Photography

This is all just crazy right now. To think, we live during a time, when we are all told to isolate with our families. To no touch or interact with others, to stay home as much as possible. All of it.

I am SO thankful for all the doctor's, nurses, gas station employees, grocery store workers, airline workers, truckers, mail carriers and pretty much all those who can't isolate. Who have to work so that that rest of us have food, mail, life inside our homes.

My heart has always gone out to all the mothers. My business has been built on capturing a mother's love throughout many stages of life.

Fresh 48 photos, in hospital newborn photography has grown over the last year and I have many momma's scheduled for sessions that we have NO idea if they will happen. Sessions already cancelled because those sweet babes were born at a time where no one is allowed at the hospital. Some hospital's no one but the parents, and even some, just the mother.


And though, I can't capture all those beautiful babes born during such a crazy time, I can give a few tips for those momma's to capture images themselves. So even though it's crazy, they can still capture those sweet babes.

AND you can easily download and print it, so you can take it to the hospital so you don't forget. Simply click on the image or on the link below.

Baby's First Year

And for those families with little one's living their first year of life and planning to schedule a Milestone session, but can't due to COVID-19... I have a little something for you too. My list of 50 photos to take over Baby's First Year.

To grab yours simply click the link below OR click the image.

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