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So Fresh, So New | Fresh 48 Photography | Jacksonville Fl Newborn Photographer

I got to start my Friday off with a sweet little newborn photography session....


But, last weekend, I got to welcome this little man into the world less than 24 hours after his arrival.

So sweet, so new and so perfect. Fresh 48 Photography sessions are quickly becoming a favorite and I am excited about how popular they have become as well.

Those details of the first day with your little one quickly fade and are forgotten as you find a new normal with your little one at home. But with a Fresh 48 Newborn Photography session in the hospital, these moments and memories are forever captured. Frozen in time.

Because every parent will tell you, it goes by so very fast.

So, stay dry and take a break from hurrican prep with a few of my favorites from this sweet Fresh 48 Newborn session in Jacksonville, FL.

Happy Friday,


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