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What to Wear :: Family Portraits Fall 2018

It's without a doubt Family Photo season.

My season starts slow, but by the middle of this month I will be meeting, laughing with, and capturing the connection, joy and love of many families until December.

And even though I know long computer hours are ahead, a less clean house and a complete lack of balance for a season..... I so enjoy seeing these families. So many that I get to see year after year for their Fall Family Portraits.

And for that, I am blessed for certain.

BUT, because I am always wanting to help my clients out in any way I can I wanted to answer that common question of "What should we wear?" based on the 3 Mini Session locations and 2 common locations that I will have sessions this season.

Before I share a few Pintrest finds, I want to share this cheat sheet for match colors. (Funny note: Found this on Pintrest, clicked on it, it went back to a blog post of mine from a few years ago, lol.)

Choosing Colors for Family Portraits

So, with those color combos as a bit of a starter,

Here we go.....

1. Indoor Family Portraits - Ballroom Portraits at Halpatter Brewing Co. in Lake City, FL

Indoor sessions are typically Lifestyle portraits. Filled with all things comfort in your own home. There are 3 walls of windows and my couch is a burgundy (keep that in mind), but as long as you're not wearing a ton of black (**the mom OR dad can wear black if they want a slimming effect, but only one adult, not both), you're good. But, this location offers a couple choices in directions for your outfits....

First, you can totally do casual. Be comfortable, jeans, your Chucks, whatever first your style. For me, I picture flannel shirt (one one person, maybe too, don't go crazy with the patterns), jeans, a simple T under the flannel, a cute, but comfy dress on a little girl with converse. Jeans and a cute T on the son, maybe even a hat or jacket that coordinates with everyone else.

DO NOT go all dark. Pick a palette with some whites or creams.

Here are a couple ideas. Now, these are ideas you can mix with items you already own and consider the weather (we live in Florida, it may be hot).

BUT, you have another option. The fact we are in a ballroom means this is a wonderful time to go formal.

Add pops or silver or gold, dress it up and go formal.

Fall Family Photos What to Wear

What to Wear for Formal Family Portraits

What to Wear for Formal Family Photos

2. The Keeler Property - Covered Bridge Outdoor Family Portraits (also, perfect for Alpine Groves or Walter Jones Park)

Though outdoors, this venue, often used for weddings, with a gorgeous covered bridge and beautiful location. The combination of wood and trees makes this location pretty versatile. You can basically choose your style and rock it.

Formal or casual as you see above, or a more traditional type of style for Family Portraits which is often somewhere in between. Just keep in mind the burgundy couch and of course, it may still be hot. So check the weather.

Here are a few favorite outfit combinations that would definitely work well. (from Family Portraits sessions of the past)

St Augustine FL Family Photographer

Jacksonville FL Family Photographer

Best Jacksonville FL Family Photographer

Best St Augustine FL Family Photographer

3. The Christmas Tree Farm (or anywhere that's mostly green)

The key to a mostly green location is to...not wear green. Or, use green sparingly...with pops of red to balance.

Truly that's it. You can go light with pastels or dark with red/black/white. I will have my buffalo plaid blanket there as well as a pastel quilt and a Christmas quilt so I can very the blanket based on your attire. We will be either standing or sitting among the trees. And with a forest of green around you, you want to stand out.

This session being in later November has the highest chance of actually being fingers crossed scarves, boots and jackets can be worn without worrying about heat stroke.

This is probably the time you can go Buffalo plaid in some form on every family member and be perfectly fine.

Here are a few ideas, but if red/black/white isn't your style THAT'S OK. Mustard, navy and white would look gorgeous too or I'm sure any combination of colors that coordinate together. (Please, skip the neon if for some reason you were wanting to embrace your youth. Just say no.)

4. Last, but not least THE BEACH....we do live in Florida after all

And what better way to showcase our lack of freezing temps then by Beach family Portraits.

The beach can work in many ways, but remember gone are the days of everyone having to wear the same thing (i.e. white shirt and jeans). Go for your style and your color choices. The beach is pretty much a blank canvas color wise so anything will work.

Here are a few of my favorite ideas.

All of these ideas and more are on my Pintrest page! CLICK HERE to follow my What to Wear board.

Do you have a session scheduled with me and want more ideas, including where to buy pieces that are perfectly coordinated based on how many people are in your family and their age range/size???? Well, I can help. Email me and let's chat!

Happy Wednesday and Happy Shopping!


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