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St Augustine FL Family Photography | The Fazzingo Family | St Augustine FL Family Photographer

During my newborn session today the mama asked me how long I have been a photographer.

I said, "Well, I started in 2010, but didn't really fully develop until 2012 and even since then, I have been growing."

See, in 2010 my only clients really were family. A few friends. And a couple amazing families who, God bless them, gave me a shot.

This was one of those amazing families. 8 years and 3 kids later, I am still blessed enough to call them clients and friends. And to still be able to capture their gorgeous family.

So, yes, I will start my no kid date day a little later and do a family session with this wonderful family in my favorite city, St Augustine, FL.

And as always, they killed it. Even if Miss J was not in the mood for any of my jokes or games. Lol.

So, take a second and check out some favorites from this Family Portrait session in St Augustine, FL.

Happy Wednesday!


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