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Last week, I shared on Instagram a back of camera shot I did at the train station while we were waiting on the train.

I titled it, "your daily does of, Oh, look at that light. Sit here so I can take a photo."

It's the life of my girls. Seriously, sometimes they rebel and I get nothing, but often at least one of them says, "Ok."

So, what do you need for good light?

Literally, ONE GOOD WINDOW. That's it.

If you only have one room in your home with one good window, put their toys near it and capture them playing. Lay pillows in that pocket of light and capture them reading or if you must, playing on the iPad.

If you want photos of your kiddos coloring at the table. Watch the light throughout the day. See when it's the best. Turn off all the other lights and set it up. Crayons, paper, let them go wild and snap away.

Will it be perfect? Probably not. But it will help you see that light and capture photos of your littles which is really all we are wanting to do as moms anyway right?

So, keep scrolling and check out a few more from our "Train Station" Lifestyle Session, then walk around your house with all the lights off and look for the pockets of light. Then Go Wild.

Happy Tuesday!


**P.S. Want to learn even more about capturing better everyday photos? CLICK HERE to head to the shop and check out my Parent Paparazzi: 101 (free and covers the basics) and Parent Paparazzi: 102 (only $3 and dives in WAY deeper into getting your camera off auto mode). Happy Snapping!

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