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Why should you do a Fresh 48 session? | Newborn Photographer Jacksonville FL | In Hospital Newborn P

When my girls were born, Newborn Photography was just becoming a thing. But it was not, in anyway, what it has grown into today.

And I hate that. I hate that I don't have those images.

As a mom, I often think about what would I want captured of my girls, or what details and moments do I wish I had captured when they were smaller? These questions drive me to capture all those special moments, special details, the connection and joy of a family, so other mamas don't have to miss out.

Fresh 48 sessions are even newer. But they are 100% something I wish I had. There are details of those first couple of days that I didn't capture. Images I wish I had of my own girls. And I want to give those images, those lost moments to other moms.

A Fresh 48 session is allowing me to capture all the details you may not have even noticed and may not remember a few weeks later (let's be honest, the newborn brain fog is a real thing). First time meeting siblings, grandparents, these moments you can never get back.

Whether you allow me to capture those moments, or another amazing photographer, PLEASE don't allow yourself the "I wish I had" memories that I have. Capture those firsts.....then a few days later, capture a Full Newborn session. You will never regret those images. Because all too soon, that little life will be preparing for Kindergarten or even college. And the memories you made and the images you have will always be there to remind you.

Happy Monday!


Want to know how to get a FREE Fresh 48 Session for your little one?

CLICK HERE for more information!

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