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Newborn Photographer Jacksonville FL | In Hospital Newborn Portraits | Fresh 48 Portraits

I am sure, when you are looking for a "Newborn Photographer near me" you know what kind of session you have in mind. Or maybe you don't....

Most people, when planning their Newborn Portraits think in a studio or at home. But what about those first few hours. First meeting big brother or big sister. What if Newborn Photography could be done in hospital. Within the first 48 hours. Capturing the newness....the details..that you easily forget in your new baby sleepless stupor.

You can almost sell that new baby smell and feel that so soft head full of hair as you check out Miss Stella's Fresh 48 Newborn Photography session.

Grab a cup of hot tea or a glass of wine. Remember the details of your littles, as you see the sweetness below.

Happy Wednesday!


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