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Why do an Outdoor Newborn photoshoot?

We all know 2020 was a year.

Many would say a dumpster fire year.

BUT, one thing that came from 2020 for me as a newborn photographer, that was good, was outdoor newborn photoshoots.

I started it as a safer way to capture such a special time, BUT I have more reasons why I love them now (& kept them around).

So, here are my TOP THREE REASONS to do an Outdoor Newborn Photo session.

st augustine fl newborn photographer

1) Fresh Air Beautiful Locations (without having to clean)

Some people dislike Lifestyle Newborn sessions because they are in a temporary home or apartment. Maybe they feel their place is too dark or cluttered. Whatever the reason, an outdoor newborn photo session allows you to choose a beautiful location with a backdrop you will love. Beach, gorgeous state park, whatever you prefer. And you don't have to clean a thing.

st augustine newborn photographer

2.) Shorter Session Length

At a beautiful location, you can get a lot accomplished in a shorter time. At one hour long, these sessions allow for family portraits as well as individuals of the new baby all with time to spare for work, sleep, visitors or whatever you need to do.

jacksonville newborn photographer

3.) Variety

We live near SO many gorgeous location options for these sessions, but all of them give one thing. A variety of backgrounds. Whether ocean versus dunes, or flowers and fields, you can get images with lots of variety but still all the love your family has for the newest addition, forever frozen in time.

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