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What to Wear :: Beach Portraits

What is the number one question every photographer is asked?

"What do we wear?"

I recently updated my What to Wear Guides for my clients and I even gave some ideas for color combinations for specific locations.

Since we live in Florida, one location I am at a lot (thank you God) is the beach! We have a variety of beaches in the area, but the same concepts will work at any of them!

Only my clients get ALL my tips (and access to an amazing online styling service), but here are my TOP THREE.

jacksonville beach photographers


The family above chose blue, white, khaki and jeans and it worked perfect! But no matter what look you are going for, making sure colors look good together is a MUST to ensure your photos look their best. You can easily check out Pinterest for color combos that work well together, but I will give a few that are great for the beach, below. (& yes, I left the logo and linked to other photographers if they're fashion tips helped me)

summer photos what to wear

what to wear for summer photos

2) Wear Clothes with MOVEMENT

In my guide I go into detail about photographers obsession with long dresses, BUT the key to photos is movement. Long dresses, kimonos or long sweaters, for mothers or daughters all provide the opportunity to capture movement in a photo. Which ALWAYS adds the interest and beauty of a photo. Being able to run, twirl, kick water, on the beach with a dress that moves will only make your photoshoot better and we know the beach tends to be windy so embrace it and use it!

st augustine beach maternity photographers

3) When it comes to kids, comfort is key

Whether at a maternity session for a new sibling or a family photoshoot on the beach, kids can truly enjoy a photoshoot. Though I play, laugh, dance, all the things, making sure your child is comfortable is definitely helpful in keeping meltdowns at bay. You can find photo worth clothes in fabrics your kids don't hate, so keep in mind if your toddler has a preference over one type or feel of clothing and work around it. (this could also hold true for husbands)

**I even added a section to my guide with even more tips for making your session amazing with your toddlers **

st augustine beach photographers

To book your beach family portrait session CLICK HERE to get my new portrait guides!

To check out a few online shops I recommend, CLICK HERE.

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