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What's the Secret to Great Family Photos?

This one is for the moms out there.

I know when you have 2 or 3 young kids you get nervous. How will the photos turn out? Will we get any good images? Is it worth all the chaos?


The answer, is relax.

No seriously. Let go of whether they have a lovie, want to run, want to be held.

Relax. Cuddle. Play. Sing. Tickle. Love.

If your kids are super rambunctious, choose a location they can explore safely.

If they are super clingy, embrace all the snuggles and the sweet images they make.

If they are hungry, well feed them before the session, but bring special snacks to make it fun.

You know they will want to play in the water? Bring a towel and change of clothes and let it happen.

LOVE is always the answer and truthfully the love your family has for each other is what you want captured anyway.

BONUS: Choose a photographer who's photos show fun, smiles, laughter, play. Be honest with your photographer about your kids stages in life and work together to make magic.


Want to schedule a Family Portrait Session? Click HERE to grab my guide with all the information!

family portrait of family on dock by water

happy baby in family photo

family hugging for family photo

baby feet

close up of 4 month old baby in family photo

dad with sons for family photo in a park

family dancing together in park for family photo

family photography of family together on blanket in park

family cuddling together on blanket for family photo

baby looking at camera while mom holds him

family walking together for family photo

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