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Top Newborn Photography Images of 2021 in Jacksonville and St Augustine Florida

How is it almost 2022?

I feel like I am still processing 2020, much less 2021 and here I am planning 2022.

Even though there were ups and downs, I had to say 2021 gave my some AMAZING clients and beautiful sessions.

So much so it was SO hard to narrow it down to only 10 favorite images from each category. So, know if I could list all of my favorites this blog post would be SOOOOOOO much longer.

(granted, some honorable mentions will be shared at the bottom because I can't help myself)

But to save everyone time, here you go.

My Top 10 Favorite Newborn Images || 2021

1) Favorite Outdoor Newborn Photography Image

2020 brought a lot of not awesomeness (**cough** Covid **cough), but one thing it did bring was outdoor Newborn Photography sessions. And now, I love them.

Of course it was hard to get to my favorite image, but I think I chose correctly.

newborn photography

2) Favorite Newborn with Sibling Capture

This one was SOOOO hard. Seriously. I met so many adorable older siblings over this past year. But something about this girl's sweetness and tenderness with her baby sister just still makes me smile, so I had to choose it.

newborn photographer near me

3) Favorite furry sibling(s) capture

Have I mentioned I LOVE when furry siblings are included? Like, LOVE. I am that person who finds it hard not to pet all dogs I meet and I've even accidentally kissed someone else's dog goodbye (yeah....sorry about that). So I am ALWAYS all for letting the fur babies in the photos.

newborn photographer in jacksonville

4) Best Nursery Capture

Being able to do Lifestyle Newborn photography means I am able to see SO many adorable nursery themes. From Harry Potter to an awesome decorative wall to wall paper to die for I love seeing each and every room.

Of course, as soon as I saw this nursery I LOVED the bench seat, to which Alli said something like, "When I had Scott do it I knew you would love it!" and so yes, I love this capture. The window framing mom and babe.....the light, the colors, all of it.

newborn photographer in jacksonville fl

5) Favorite Close Up capture

So, the details of a new little life are always favorites of mine. Those tiny hands, feet, noses...all of it. If you have been following me for any amount of time you know I have a thing for newborn feet....SO it may not be a surprise I picked this as my favorite. But I mean, those tiny toes!!!!!

jacksonville newborn photographer

6) Favorite Pose with Dad

I am a sucker for dads loving on their I love every image mine or someone else's that captures that love perfectly.

So as a photographer obsessed with it, choosing your favorite dad and baby newborn photography image is hard. Like, super hard.

But I think I did it. And I chose my favorite pose to do with dad....because I mean, look at the sweetness of it! Dad's hands gently holding his new babe's head. Gah!!!!

(so yes, most my clients get this pose or some variation of it)

newborn photographer in st augustine

7) Favorite Pose with Mom

I have always said part of my "Why" with photography was to give moms photos with their children to cherish. Because moms are usually the one taking the photo, it's something I think it so important. Because we as moms need to see photos of us loving on our kids. And our little ones need that too.

Again, another favorite pose and of course, hard to choose from, but I think I got it.....So much love.

jacksonville fl newborn photographer

8) Favorite post with both parents

Whether it's your first or your fourth baby, capturing a couple photos with both parents and the new baby is special. The love that started it all. As a newborn photographer, being able to freeze a moment, capture a photo of the parents just in love with their new baby. That is amazing. That is everything.

newborn photographer in st augustine fl

9) Favorite Pose with all siblings

Man, I went back and forth on this one. Like a lot. But the sweetness of these two and the fact these parents have three ages 3 and under is AMAZING. One of my last newborn sessions of 2021, but definitely one of my favorites. I HAD to share it.

st augustine newborn photographer

10) Favorite Newborn Photo with ALL of the family

Again, I loved at least one (probably more) full family capture from all of my sessions in 2021. How could I not? After going back and forth (and selecting a few for the honorable mentions) I decided on this one. All of the family...including fur babies.....basically perfection.

jacksonville fl newborn photographers

AND NOW ALL THE HONORABLE MENTIONS!!! (in absolutely no particular order)

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