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Top Maternity Photos of 2023 in Jacksonville and St Augustine, Florida

How is 2023 almost over?????

It has been an AMAZING year. I have been so blessed to be a maternity photographer and photograph 33 beautiful Maternity photoshoots this year all over Jacksonville and St Augustine, Florida.

Every year I struggle to choose my favorites (because usually I love them all) and this year is even more of a task for me as it felt like I really found my groove and my vision for maternity portraits.

So, I went by social media numbers as it's the easiest marker to judge by (which means absolutely nothing as sometimes it's only that the photo posted at a good time of day for views) and removes me having to really choose.

With that, I give you the Top Maternity Photos of 2023 (as chosen by social media). *in no order whatsoever so it's not a top 10

I am already very excited for what 2024 has in store for me Maternity photo wise and can't thank all of my amazing clients enough for allowing me to photograph such a special time in their lives.


P.S. If you're looking to book your 2024 Maternity Photography session CLICK HERE to grab my guide and current pricing!

mother and son touch foreheads while she holds him in the morning light during maternity photoshoot

expecting couple gives a kiss during a windy and cloudy beach maternity photography session

couple leans in close for a kiss while posing on a sunset beach for maternity pictures

pregnant mother in white dress looks down at her older children while posing together on historic brick road for maternity photoshoot

expecting couple poses together looking at each other on rocky beach during maternity photoshoot

beautiful pregnant mother in gold dress poses on beach looking at local maternity photographer with sun flare from her crown

expecting couple cuddles in close during beach maternity photography session

expecting mother poses on grassy dune near the beach during maternity pictures

expecting mother in green dress holds belly while looking out to the ocean during beach maternity photoshoot

expecting mother poses in pinewood forest in green floral dress for local maternity photographer

pregnant mother in white poses on sunset beach with birds flying behind her during maternity photoshoot


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