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TOP 10 NEWBORN PHOTOS OF 2022 | Newborn Photography in Jacksonville and St Augustine, Florida

Yesterday, I shared a few favorite Maternity Photos from this past year, and so today are my favorites.

Newborn Photos. I LOVE being a Newborn Photographer in Jacksonville and St Augustine, Florida.

Whether I was welcomed into a client's home to capture all the love, or met them at sunrise on the beach I loved each and every newborn photoshoot this year.

In fact, I was able to do 33 Newborn photography sessions in 2022.

My goal was 35 and I was OH SO close, but hopefully that just means next year will be even more amazing.

So, make today better as you snack, nap, and maybe begin thinking about 2023 and check out a few of my favorite Newborn photos from this past year (in no particular order).


Want more information on booking a 2023 Newborn photography session with me? CLICK HERE.

parents cuddling newborn baby at home for photoshoot

newborn baby feet from above on white blanket

parents in nursery holding newborn baby

parents with newborn baby and family dog for newborn photoshoot

newborn baby with boxer puppies

parents on beach at sunrise with newborn baby

grumpy newborn baby face

newborn boy looking at camera during photoshoot

father holding newborn baby feet

family cuddling newborn twins for photo

And because 10 newborn images will NEVER feel like enough...

father holding hands with multi racial baby in newborn photo

toddler brother leaning over newborn baby in photo

close up of newborn baby boy

family laying on bed together for newborn photoshoot at home

mother cuddling newborn baby in newborn photoshoot

dad kissing baby girl in newborn photo


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