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Should you do Family Photos on Vacation?

When planning a family vacation we always think about fun things to do, where to eat, etc... BUT what about scheduling a family photoshoot too?

Scheduling family photos while on vacation, allows you to have photos with a different backdrop then where you live OR if you are vacationing with multi-generational family, you can get photos of everyone and all the love surrounding your little ones.

Let's be honest, every grandma would love a photo of their children and grandchildren all together.

As a family photographer in a tourist destination, I have been blessed to meet many wonderful families visiting St Augustine Florida and capturing a family photography session for them.

This sweet family met me for a petite family photoshoot on the beach and we were able to get many sweet family photos for them.

To see a few of my favorites, just scroll on down, to book your own family photography session while you're visiting the area, CLICK HERE.


multiple generations of family laugh and pose together on the beach for family photos

large family laughs as they tickle the grandson during a mult-generational photoshoot

grandparents with their children and grandson all together for a beach family photoshoot

grandparents cuddle into grandson during beach family photoshoot

mother kisses son on the cheek while dad swings him

toddler son sitting on dad's shoulders and they are both smiling

dad with little boy on his shoulders leans down so mom can give little boy a kiss

toddler laughs and smiles at local photographer while his mom holds him during beach family photoshoot

mother in blue dress holds toddler son and rests head to head with him

little boy looks at family photographer while his mom cuddles in during beach family photos

mother in blue dress hugging her son tightly on the beach during family photoshoot

father and son nose to nose in front of grassy dunes during beach family photography session

couple holding hands and walking on beach laughing during family photos

couple touching heads and smiling at each other during beach family photoshoot

little boy holding parents hands walking on beach  for family photoshoot

little boy holds mom and dads hands while walking on the beach

a multi-generational family poses together on the beach for family photos

grandparents, parents, aunt and uncle all together on the beach for family photos

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