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Newborn Photos at Home in Jacksonville, Florida | Newborn Photography

Doing you newborn photos at home has become a new trend for newborn photography and I am definitely HERE FOR IT.

Just a few years ago, all newborn portraits were done in studio and perfectly posed. Now, families can relax at home and be surrounded by all the snacks, toys, breaks, furry siblings they want.

Being able to include the fur babies in a newborn photoshoot is definitely one of the perks of lifestyle newborn photography, and especially for this couple as they had photos with their dogs for their engagement AND wedding photos displayed in their home. Recreating a similar pose and including their new baby boy was a must.

As a newborn photographer in Jacksonville and St Augustine Florida I get to meet so many amazing families who welcome me into their home to capture all the details of welcoming this new little life into their family.

I am currently booking Newborn Photography sessions into February 2023, so be sure to CLICK HERE to get my newborn portrait guide with all the information on how to book!


backyard portrait during newborn photography session

new parents with dogs and newborn baby in backyard portrait

dog kissing newborn baby in newborn photo

parents at home with newborn

professional portrait of newborn baby

newborn baby angry face

black and white portrait of mom holding newborn baby

close up of newborn baby yawning

mom holding newborn baby feet

lifestyle newborn photoshoot in nursery

parents smiling in newborn photography

newborn photographer capture a view from above parents holding newborn baby

portrait from above of parents holding newborn baby in nursery

parents and dogs in front of crib cuddling newborn baby

view of baby in crib from above at lifestyle newborn photography session

top of baby head in crib by jacksonville newborn photographer

newborn baby portrait in crib with mobile framing baby at newborn photoshoot

lifestyle newborn photography of newborn in crib

close up of newborn in crib at lifestyle newborn session

mom looking at newborn baby in professional newborn photo

mom and dad touching heads while holding newborn baby in professional newborn portrait

photo from newborn photographer of newborn baby held by mom

professional newborn portrait of mom kissing newborn baby

newborn photo of dad looking proudly at newborn baby near window

newborn photography of dad holding baby

dad nose to nose in newborn photoshoot

newborn photo of dad holding newborn baby head

newborn baby head in dad's hand by professional newborn photographer

portrait of mom and dad holding newborn baby with green wall in background by professional newborn photographer

professional newborn photo of mom and dad holding baby

newborn photoshoot of dad holding baby while mom kisses it

dad holding newborn baby while mom kisses baby in newborn photo

tiny dog at newborn photoshoot

mom laying with baby in newborn photo

newborn photo of mom and baby from above

above view of mom laying with newborn baby

black and white of newborn feet

professional newborn photo of baby swaddled in white

professional newborn photo of baby swaddled in white

newborn baby hands

newborn baby toes

profile of newborn baby boy

mother holding newborn baby in newborn photo

black and white portrait of newborn baby and mom

portrait of family with newborn baby

dad and mom holding baby in newborn photoshoot

dad kissing baby in newborn photo

newborn photography of mom and baby

mom holding newborn baby in newborn photos

portrait of newborn baby with mother

close up portrait of newborn baby

lifestyle newborn photo of newborn baby and parents

parents with baby at in home newborn photos

newborn photos of parents with baby

newborn photography at home

lifestyle newborn photography

newborn photography


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