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How To Choose Your Maternity Photographer

You're having a baby!

Congratulations! You are living one of the most important and special times in your life. Whether this is baby number 1 or your third or 4th sweet babe, every little life is treasured and brings only more love.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the best maternity photographer to document this special time as well as your family's story, joy and love.

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Find a Specialist

Would you hire an account to fix a plumbing problem? Most likely not. The same applies to photography. Hiring a photographer with expertise in Maternity Portraits will give you the best possible result. Maternity Photographers know the best poses, and most flattering angles for the pregnant body. They can also advise you on what to wear and understand that you might need to take a break (or two) during your session.

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There are as many style as there are photographers. To think about the best match for you, consider your own style, personality and how you want the images to look. Do you prefer classic images? More colorful? Maybe artistic images or more whimsical. Whether you are looking organic natural portraits or a more moody or romantic style there is a photographer for you.


Where do you envision your photos? Do you prefer the clean and elegant feel of a studio session? Are you wanting documentary style session in your home? Or are you picturing the beach or a beautiful park? Choosing a Maternity Photographer that works at your desired location is essential.

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It is recommended to start looking for a photographer at the end of your first trimester. Typically, maternity portrait sessions are done between 28 to 36 weeks. Make sure that your photographer is available at that time to capture your baby bump, while you still have that beautiful round belly and feel comfortable posing.


When you are looking for a Maternity Photographer near you, ask family, friends or even Google for referrals and reviews. Were they happy with their final images? Referrals and reviews are a wonderful way to know if the photographer has happy customers.

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Pricing and Artwork

Pricing depends on numerous factors for photographers. The photographer's experience, quality of portfolio, services they offer, location, design services, product offering, etc...

Once you have found a photographer you like, ask for their detailed pricing information. What packages do they offer? Do they have a session fee or are they all-inclusive? Do they sell digitals only or do they offer artwork?

Additional Services

Additional services are another factor to consider. Do they offer styling services or help with what to wear? Do they have a client closet? Do they offer album designs or help with designing your wall art? Do they work with a makeup artist? Is it included or do they refer you to someone?

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This is something that is often overlooked. Many photographers have a clause in their contracts that allow them to use your photos for advertising purposes in any way they want. If privacy is important to you, you should book a photographer that will keep your images private.(be aware some photographers charge an additional fee for privacy)

Think Long Term

Does the Maternity photographer also do Newborn Photography? Do they offer a Baby Plan that can capture all of your baby's first year? Do they work with families to help capture your little one as your child grows? DO you like their style for those areas of photography as well?

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I specialize in all areas of Motherhood. From Maternity Portraits through every milestone (even up to Senior Portraits!). I am an on location, natural light photographer who strives to capture the love and connection of my families in the Jacksonville FL and St Augustine FL area. I have a styling website and guide that can help you choose the right outfits and I can refer you to wonderful makeup artists to help you feel your best. For more information about a Maternity Photoshoot with me CLICK HERE to check out my Maternity Gallery or Pricing page OR go ahead and head to the CONTACT page and request my Maternity Portrait Guide!

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