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Florida Summer Day Trip Ideas 1: DeLeon Springs

You asked for it.

You're getting it.

Summer day trip ideas. I'm full of them because I have two kids and I have worked from home for years and when I didn't I taught SO I was still off work all summer. So basically, I have always been home with my kids all summer. Which is mostly awesome, but let's be honest.

We hate when they so those two dreaded words. I'm bored.

So, here we go with my 1st day trip recommendation!

1. DeLeon Springs State Park

Day Trip Ideas

If you have been in Florida a bit you know we have MANY beautiful springs to explore. Which is awesome.

BUT, did you know we have a spring that also has an awesome Pancake house?

DeLeon Springs day trips

At DeLeon Springs State Park, you can not only swim in the beautiful water, hike wonderful paths AND let your kids get even more energy out at the playground BUT you can either leave early and get breakfast or grab an early lunch/brunch at their pancake house.

On the cooktop in front of you, you griddle pancakes with whatever sides you choose. Their batter is delicious and it's a fun addition to a spring adventure.

DeLeon Springs pancake house day trip

After you eat, you can go on a boat ride to view some wildlife or if you're already hot, just jump in the springs to cool off!

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day trip ideas from Jacksonville

As with all Springs in the summer, I recommend going during the week so this is a great day trip idea to do with some mom friends and their kiddos and only an hour to an hour and a half away (depending on where you live in Jacksonville/St Augustine area) which means plan for a car nap on the way back or definitely some tired kiddos that night after a fun day.

DeLeon Springs State Park day trip idea

And since DeLeon Springs is a state park, your kiddos can grab a Junior Ranger badge while they're there. This was the best way to convince my kiddos to hike when they were younger. Anything for the badge at the end.

Florida Junior Ranger Badges

The weekends do get more crowded, so you would want to be sure to get there early to enjoy all the fun!

~ Melody

P.S. If you like these day trip blog posts let me know! So I can keep sending them your way. :-)

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