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First Birthday Photography in St Augustine Florida

As a family photographer, my Watch Me Grow families become special to me.

I am able to capture so many milestones for them with maternity portraits, newborn photos and meeting up 3 times during their little ones first year for family photos.

I've actually known this sweet family since their oldest was 6 months old and have loved watching the girls grow!

We met at a well known beautiful park, Washington Oaks Gardens state park, and were blessed without the intense heat a Florida summer often gives as we captured a 12 month session.

I may have had to work hard for smiles, but it was definitely worth it.

To book your own family photoshoot or to find out more about my Watch Me Grow baby plan, CLICK HERE.

To see all the sweetness, just scroll on down.


washington oaks gardens at sunset for family photography

family photo in beautiful garden at sunset

family portrait in beautiful garden at sunset

smiling child in family photo

garden at sunset with family hugging for family photo

beautiful garden at sunset with family hugging

family photo of family walking down garden path

oldest sister leading family down pathway for family photography

sisters posing together for family portrait

baby standing in pathway during family photoshoot

close portrait of baby during family photoshoot

portrait of tiny red curls in toddler's hair

photo of happy toddler reaching towards mom

portrait of sisters sitting together on wood box

family photo of family together on brick pathway

professional portrait of family together on brick pathway

professional portrait of baby clapping on brick pathway

portrait of one year old with wood box on brick path

one year old climbing on box on brick path in family photo

mom playing with baby

happy baby with dad

dad swinging smiling baby in family photos

family portraits with mother and daughters

mother and daughters

mother and daughters on lace blanket in family photos

family sitting on blanket together

little girl twirling

family smiling in garden for family portraits

family photo in rose garden

family portrait in rose garden

family in rose garden at family photos in Washington Oaks Gardens

family walking down rose garden path

family together in family photoshoot at Washington Oaks Gardens

toddler walking away during family photos in washington oaks gardens

toddler with hands in the air smiling in family photography

one year old pouting in first birthday photos

little girl with flower for family photos

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